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May 04, 2001

Old news posts... before blogger.

Old news posts... before blogger.
More pictures up.
April 16, 2001: Check the gallery for new pictures of Helma's cat, Isabel. I understand those who love their pets, but I don't understand those who let their pets become their new master. **ducks!!** hah!

March 24 (edited): I found out today that my neighbor who's my age was killed in a car accident 3 days ago. *sigh* I'm used to the concept of death now, but I will never like it. Farewell, Charles Wheeler.

December 2, 2000: Welcome to, my new domain for all things related to me and my previous site, Due to the impending closure of Dreamhaven/Dragonfire I was forced in late November to find a new web/ftp/e-mail host. I have since taken the opportunity to do a redesign of my site, eliminating frames and hoping to refine the graphical look of the site.

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