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July 16, 2001

Majed's birthday dinner last night.

Majed's birthday dinner last night. More on that later, since I'm tired. On the way home around 1am, Erik and I were coming down 880 south in Oakland. It's a raised freeway section, elevation changes, pretty dangerous stretch of freeway. There's a Camaro pointed the wrong way in one of the right hand lanes, it's missing a wheel-- it's sitting on the ground on one side, looks like at least two tires are blown. Car looks pretty trashed. In the far left lane there's a plastic bumper or something from a Mustang along with some other debris, and on the opposite side of the freeway, a while Mustang has its drivers side crunched up neatly against the center divider. It was crazy sh*t... I don't know what the heck happened exactly, but Erik and I think it's possible the Camaro somehow jumped the center divide and crashed or something. **eek** Scary stuff. F'ing crazy.

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