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July 26, 2001

Nevermind, studying didn't go as

Nevermind, studying didn't go as well as I thought. Cross-elasticity and aggregrate supply/demand screwed me up. *sigh* Still have an A in the class though, which is the important party. I'm just being paranoid, I guess... I'm taking GE's for a GPA boost, so I need those A's!

I still don't know who she is, except that Aaron knows here and said that she has a kick butt site, and she does. joopy.nu must have a pretty popular site too, 'cause she says in her blog that she's only got 2GB/month for bandwidth and that she's projected to hit 8.4GB this month, at $15/GB additional. Ouch! Maybe I should talk to my host, thewebhost.net and see how much bandwidth I'm using a month. I don't think I am nearly as popular as joopy.nu, but I've never even bothered to check! Supposedly I've got unlimited bandwidth on my deluxe account, but I know unlimited does have a limit somewhere. Is it 3GB? 5GB? 10GB? Hmmm...

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