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July 22, 2001

Northern California Ars Technica Meet

Northern California Ars Technica Meet went well today. About 15 people showed up, would have been closer to 20 but the usual curse struck us again: we chose a park that was really big and our sign was very, very small! I think Coyote Point had 5 or more picnic areas, widely separated. Oops!

Relatives visiting as well. :-) Also, went out tonight with Barry, Eileen and Huong. Three of us were scrubs, one wasn't. :-p (sorry Huong! Yes, you looked good, and yes, it was the heels, probably. =) ) Had coffee and then pho-- I had no idea you could get pho 24 hours a day.

Posted by brian at July 22, 2001 02:40 AM


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