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July 15, 2001

Partied again at Patrick's place

Partied again at Patrick's place last night. BBQ at Barry's, then the drinking and stuff at Patrick's. I still need to teach that boy how to BBQ properly... but then again neither Erik nor I was doing too much better yesterday. :- Unlike last weekend we actually had a decent male:female ratio going this time too, so it was good. Very good. Now only if those bastards would pay me back for all the alcohol I keep buying for them... hmm, I think I'm being taken advantage of here. I think they need to hook it up in return or something. Or... hmm... nah, they just need to pay me back. I've got 109 pictures I can post on the web that doubtless some people don't want posted on the web...

Posted by brian at July 15, 2001 02:18 PM


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