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July 27, 2001

Random crap: Trying to make

Random crap:
Trying to make plans to see Planet of the Apes tonight. As I work less than 1000feet from AMC 20 it would be nice and convenient for us to go. Pete, Erik, and I are definitely going... not sure about who else. Maybe Majed, Amanda, Beth, and others? I have no idea. Sprint's voicemail is off-line right now so I can't voicemail some people about possible plans for tonight. Yesterday I also got my Area:One tickets from UPS. Woohooo!!!!

Also, the spacebar on my keyboard at work has crapped out. I have to hammer the button for it to work, which sucks. This post should have taken 2 minutes or less to think up and write, instead it's an exercise in fusteration. (sp?) Time to go scrounge a new keyboard...

Posted by brian at July 27, 2001 03:47 PM


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