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August 25, 2001

Currently playing: Erasure - I

Currently playing: Erasure - I Love Saturday
How fitting! =) I think I've finished Gina's computer... finally. CD DAE (digital audio extraction) is working now... so I ripped 6 CD's so I could MP3 them overnight for system stress testing. Looks good so far, and LAME at 192kbps sounds better than Audioactive at 128kbps or even 192kbps. For some reason Nero is allergic to it, but Adaptec (bloatware) EZ CD Creator works just fine. Going to go look at LCD monitors for her tonight (oops, bought a Kogi/gvision 15" TFT. *drool* I WANT ONE!), I think... then I guess we'll round up everyone (as in Erik and I and whoever else is here) and go out.

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