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August 24, 2001

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Just got back from dinner with some old family friends. It's weird... all the kids (e.g. me!) are about the same age, but we haven't seen each other in 5 or 10 years. So weird... it was good though. We're all at the core the same-- which is expected, yet still strange. Although I shouldn't be talking, considering how many "old" friends I have. Pictures later... and unfortunately 2 of them left before the camera was broken out. I must be getting slow! =) Dinner was good too. Japanese from Miyake's plus some home made stuff, and yummy green tea ice cream. No real entertainment was planned, so we played 13 (Big 2)... some weird Monta Vista variant, but it worked. Poker straights threw me off pretty bad, though. Off to play video games... more later!

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