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August 24, 2001

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Currently playing: Information Society - What's On Your Mind
Finishing Gina's t-bird 950/512MB PC133/40GB system right now. Ugh. It's ridiculous how cheap it is to build a 1ghz box today which is as fast as the machines I built back in January for 50% more money. Dad's going to buy her a flat screen monitor too. Hmm, do I feel like I'm being shafted here? Ah well, can't complain!

Week has been uneventful, mostly. I'll post more later, but hopefully some more stuff will happen this weekend... and even if nothing happens, maybe I'll get last weekend's pictures up. =) Probably going to go up to Berkeley to drop the computer off, not sure what else is going to happen. Need to go scream at a UCLA counselor or dean or something too... I'll figure that one out. Helma's driving up to Washington right now to see a Dave Matthews Band concert... crazy girl! Nuts... at least she rented a car for once (a Maxima! =) ) still... geez... Finally, need to order wheels for my Maxima. Money is going like water over here! Definitely not a good thing!

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