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August 18, 2001

Currently playing: Depeche Mode: Black

Currently playing: Depeche Mode: Black Celebration
I'll edit my post below this one tomorrow edit: post below edited!. It was supposed to be published at about 5am, but the DSL at Thomas' place died... Thursday was good, although as expected most of my friends were working and stuff which sucked. Slept on the floor of Eileen's apartment that night. Noisy place, but you can sleep really well when you're tired!

Thursday was uneventful. Remodeling at Thomas's apartment meant several abrupt awakenings from 8:30am to 12noon, not a good thing when you went to bed at 5am. Dragged my butt to UCLA to talk to a counselor, learned I need to write a letter to a committee there. Waited around for a bit to figure out what to do next, ended up hanging out with Margaret and Kimberly. They got into an apartment with another girl who was still under rent control. Lucky punks! Alicia finally fought her way through traffic, so she and I went to Johnny Rocket's in Santa Monica for dinner. We weren't sure what to eat, sort of wandered over to my car and picked a direction and drove. I dunno... for us, that seems to work! Finally met up with Barry and friends again to go to Monterey Park, then called it a night.

Today, wrote my letter and dropped it off with my counselor... then headed home. Left at 12:15, 20 minutes for gas at Buttonwillow, made it into the San Jose area around 5:30pm. Had to fight through traffic though... ugh. BTW, the Maxima gets great gas mileage around 75mph~80mph. Beyond 80mph though and hard acceleration with the AC at full blast, and gas mileage goes to hell. On the drive down to LA on Wednesday, Barry was driving from Kettleman City to LA... doing 100mph+, racing a Lexus IS300 up the Grapevine. My projected 430~450mile range on 1 tank of gas vanished into 330 miles!! =)

I'm going to go collapse into bed now. I'm not the only one who's had a good summer... Alicia's summer has been a big soap opera, or so she says, and Barry's summer has been good too, I think. I just wish I could have made my east coast visit. Ah well. In the meantime... It's good to be home... although I miss LA...

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