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August 16, 2001

Currently playing: Linkin Park -

Currently playing: Linkin Park - some track on their 1st album...
Darned if I can remember the name. Anyway, Barry, Jimmy, Billy (one of Barry's co-workers) and I drove to LA today. The three of them are chilling, while I went to go see Depeche Mode with Thomas, Kim, Mickey, Yanson, Jackie, Tu (sp?), Billy (different one), Bao, Jason, and a few names I forget. =) It was sweet! Not as hyper/constantly-energetic as Area:One was, but it was GOOD. Depeche Mode does a very good set... great visuals-- not as good as Moby, but still very good. David Gehan did a very good job on stage, as did the rest of the group-- David Gehan and Martin Gore did most of the entertainment. It's late, so I'll add more to this later... but Enjoy the Silence, Dream On, and Black Celebration kicked *ss.

Here's what I remember...
Easy Tiger - Dream On (acoustic): moody opener. Great... but kind of a slow, dramatic intro.
The Dead of Night: the beat is reminisicent of classic Depeche Mode. We're getting iiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn to the music here!
The Sweetest Condition: More new stuff... kinda hard to get into.
Halo: the mood is still going!
Walking in My Shoes: this song kicks *ss... live... wow... crowd was going nuts!
Dream On: crowd still going nuts. Brought much needed energy along with Walking in my shoes.
When the Body Speaks: we're calming back down now... really moody again.
Waiting for the Night: Still moody. Damn good live... the visual background was awesome!!! I had chills. Wow. I don't know what's with all the sutff off Violator, though. I think this is the one with either water droplets falling or the dangling lights from the ceiling...
Sister of Night: Not sure... sorry.
Breathe: New stuff again... getting used to this... sorta.
Freelove: the crowd was going on this, singing the chorus. Hyper hyper hyper... energy!!! Wow!!
Enjoy the Silence: kicked *ss. 'nuff said. WOW... we were all going nuts.
I Feel You: (ditto)
In Your Room: Energy level is going down, but the excitement meter is still peaked. Ah yes, this is why I'm here...
It's No Good: I expected this song, but I had to wait this long for it? Still good...
I Feel Loved: Funky, catchy song. Sorry, not spine-tingling though...
Personal Jesus: set kicked butt with the lighted x's (crosses?) hanging from the stage... good song. Crazy energy.
Home: "We want Depeche Mode!" hehe... loved the chant as they came back for their encore.
Clean: Good stuff... good stuff...
Black Celebration: Oh... my... gawd... f'ing incredible. The visuals were amazing. WOW.
Never Let Me Down Again: Brought the energy level down a tad so we could all leave without bouncing off the walls. Crowd was nuts as usual.

Anyway... it kicked butt. I wish I had a program though... or shots of the visuals with each song. As it is, I only have a few... oh yeah, Staples Center is HUGE. Dropped Kim, Jason, and Mickey off... then to Denny's for food. Billy got a free bananna split because his food was so late, so we all polished that off. It was good! Jackie asked me if I was from Piedmont Middle... woah... I'd been trying to figure out if she was a familar face or not myself... turns out she is! Talk about a small world. Came back to Thomas's apartment, played Monopoly. I ended up in jail for the first couple turns so people bought up all the property and screwed me over. Doh! College-level Monopoly is vicious and short-- in under 25 turns everyone who was competitive had hotels. YIKES! Those of us without any monopolies and houses by the 20th or 25th turn were basically screwed!

Also, Tu's car got vandalized tonight, sometime after we came back from the concert. Windows and mirrors on three sides smashed, apparently nothing taken. Car behind hers had the windshield smashed as well. Ugh... I'll stay off my soapbox tonight, but this is f*cking ridiculous. I'm supposed to talk to a counselor @ UCLA regarding my summer grades sometime today (meaning Thursday), but as much as I love UCLA as a school and being with all my friends... it's the LA life which can drive me crazy. Traffic I can handle, parking drives me nuts... and car vandalism. **shudder** I dunno, I've had my car keyed several times at De Anza (f*cking pricks there too...), but this is just ridiculous. Off to bed now...

setlist from
Intro tape: Easy Tiger - Dream On (Live Instrumental Acoustic) / The Dead Of Night
/ The Sweetest Condition / Halo / Walking In My Shoes / Dream On / When The Body Speaks
/ Waiting For The Night To Fall / Sister Of Night / Breathe / Freelove
/ Enjoy The Silence / I Feel You / In Your Room / It's No Good / I Feel Loved
/ Personal Jesus

Home / Clean
Black Celebration / Never Let Me Down Again

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