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August 10, 2001

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Mmmmmmmmm more case modding goodness. PCMods' BayBus kit is pretty neat, but I'm appreciating my BayBus from CliffA much more now... I have spring loaded, remote terminal connections for my fans. On cases with a fixed front bezel this isn't a big issue, but on cases with a removal bezel like the Genie, it is a big deal. Still need to finish rewiring my PC and doing the Chenbro Genie writeup... hopefully I'll get to that this weekend.

Need to go find Barry or Majed or Jimmie or someone now and go out... Hmm. Both Majed's cell and Barry's cell go straight to their voicemails-- ACK! Barry's seeing American Pie 2. And they're sold out. Doh. Maybe it's time to call the Berkeley people and drive up to Cal tonight. =) Ack, need to go take care of Sherman first...

Oh yeah, I think it's time for a harddisk upgrade... 27GB isn't cutting it anymore...

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