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August 09, 2001

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Done with summer session! WOOHOO!! I think I screwed up on my econ final though (macro economics)... so instead of a high A I'll have a low A, I think. Don't pity me... I'm just whining because I know I made some obvious mistakes; I sat there and stared at 3 problems for nearly 30 minutes and that made me get nervous about a couple other answers I'd written. Both answers I changed I missed... it seems the usual "go with the first choice you made" definitely applies in econ, but not in engineering! Now if it was engineering on the other hand I'd be more than whining, I'd be scared and worried!

Waiting for Erik and Helma to call right now so we can go to lunch. I could have just gone into work right away after class ended, but I figured I'd come home and relax for a bit. Plus, Gina just got her wisdom teeth pulled, so she isn't exactly doing too well at the moment. As for tonight I guess we'll go out. Amanda's leaving tomorrow and she's still denying me a good picture of her. I guess that means I'll have to rectrify that tonight. heheheh...

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