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August 06, 2001

Currently playing: Erasure - Perchance

Currently playing: Erasure - Perchance to Dream
Actually I hear mostly noise from my computer case.
Modded my 280cfm Genie into a 500cfm Genie for my friend Aaron, since he bought it. I also got a 500cfm Genie from jfh @ coolcases to check out his evolution in Chenbro Genie modifications in the two years that's passed since I bought mine. Anyway. It's LOUD. I haven't wired everything in a permanent setup yet either. However, case temps are within one degree Celcius of ambient temperature... wow...

Really busy weekend. Saw Rush Hour 2 on Friday night. It was hilarious. I'd definitely recommend it if you need comedy relief. Case modding took all afternoon and into the night on Saturday, plus helping Erik buy lumber for his new fence. Then I drove up to Sacramento today (Sunday) to pick up my mom and sister. (long story... short version is they were rear-ended in the 3.2TL heading up there. Fucking moronic driver probably fell asleep at the wheel and hit them) =( ... sigh... anyway that'll do for now. I'll say more later. I need to go to work in the morning and do lots of other stuff, especially since I have my final on Thursday!

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