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October 23, 2001

Currently playing: Pet Shop Boys

Currently playing: Pet Shop Boys - A Different Point of View
Midterm tomorrow... ugh... don't want to study... so I guess while I'm stalling, I'll mention that Gina came down to visit this past weekend. First time in 4 years! Went to an Ars Technica meet, was halfway home when I found out I needed to pick Gina and 2 of her friends up back in Pasadena. Of course, I didn't take 210 to get there, I took 110 since I was at USC dropping a fellow Ars'er off. Proceeded to get hideously lost trying to find them-- no map, bad directions, whatever... spent an hour driving around. Yikes! Upshot is, I know downtown Pasadena pretty well!

Took Gina and her roommate Julie around to 3rd Street in Santa Monica, then back to Noodle Planet in Westwood for dinner with Nick, Pete, and Pete's friends. Back to Nick and Pete's place afterwards, then it was bedtime... because my sis and her friends took the Cal rooter bus to get to the Rosebowl. 5:45am wake-up to drop them back off by 7:30am. It sucked! Lots of trouble for a visit that wasn't even 24 hours long!

But yeah. It was a good weekend, if crazy and unproductive (what homework? oops!). And 405 at 6:30am, with no traffic and me at 80mph was pretty damn weird. =)

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