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October 08, 2001

Let me be blunt. Bombing

Let me be blunt. Bombing in Afghanistan has started. Let's hope a clear military goal is present and that politics don't screw this up.

3AM... I need sleep... also, plenty of stuff to do tomorrow. Good news is that I have food in the refrigerator and on the shelf now, so I actually can have breakfast and dinner. =) Bad news is, with all the activity this weekend I've been neglecting the apartment search a little too long. Also, that I'll only get 5.5 hours of sleep tonight. *sigh* Livable, but not ideal... And whoever has the red Integra down the street, why couldn't you have pulled 3 feet further forward when you parked? Last night you were parked so that I could fit behind you last night... but tonight, I saw an empty space... parked, looked outside. Crap!! Fortunately I found parking less than a minute later. It just annoys me to see parking spots being wasted since we are parking-space-starved around here.

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