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October 26, 2001

Parking tickets suck. "No parking-

Parking tickets suck. "No parking- street cleaning Friday 8AM-10AM". Ok, that's fine. I head back to my apartment at 9am... NO PARKING SPOTS available.

But wait.

The street has already been cleaned. They've already issued parking citations to everyone who's been parked illegally.

If I run inside to my apartment for 30 minutes to shower and unpack books (so I can look decent when going to class, although I'm still not feeling decent... and not bring extra books around with me) they won't be big enough assholes to cite me, will they?

HAH! Nice dream...


Parking enforcement = revenue generation.


I look at the cross street. Yep, they got at least 6 other people there too. Fuck'n A.

Well... it's a risk. And it reinforces my belief that parking tickets are just a mindless source of revenue generation.

Plus, I had to listen to a very liberal environmentalist today in one of my classes. What was the prof thinking? If he was going to tell us about the composition of forests, well this environmentalist idiot didn't know forests any better than the average student did. Why the hell was he in there wasting my time?

Oh well... not a serious lost. Just a waste of 50 minutes of my time! At least I got my stats midterm grade back today... aced it. =) Not a perfect score though. DAMNIT! =) hehehehehe...

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