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January 18, 2002

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Currently playing: LTJ Bukem - Big Bud - Chill
Saw Monsters, Inc., tonight. It's a funny movie! By the time we were done my throat was sore from holding the laughter in. Came back to the apartment and laughed some more and I could barely stand, let alone gasp for air!! hahahaha... Anyway, if you need comic relief, go see it! Came back to the apartment and finished off the rest of The Fast and the Furious... got another good laugh at the cars and the racing- but I won't bore you with the technical details here.

Oh, yeah. First milk I've had in 3 days was tonight, with cookies from Diddy Resse. We really need to go grocery shopping. I may just go tomorrow, with or without Barry, because I am getting really tired of this "no food" thing.

Erasure box sets 3 and 4 (EBX3 and EBX4) shipped from Tower Records today... so aside from maybe three CDs now, my "to buy" CD list is pretty much taken care of. Freakin' Erasure addiction... not nearly as bad as my computer hardware addiction or my car addiction, but this last purchase was pretty inconvenient as far as my budget is concerned! Okay, enough rambling... bedtime! Need to go see a counselor tomorrow, go grocery shopping, and check out some apartments! (while most everyone else has school... hee hee!)

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