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January 06, 2002

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New Year Eve's was good. Slow, but good. Alicia arrived around 2pm from SoCal... first of the NorCal people didn't arrive until 5:30 or 6ish. I don't think more than 11 were there at any one time, but things sort of inched off the ground until around 1:30am when we had to go pick up Erik and Jimmie (and where was Helma... long story!), and Valerie and Eileen came over. Once more of the "core group" came over, things got going pretty good and didn't stop until 5am! We did the usual New Year's Day thing and drove up to Nick's place for dinner and stuff.

Friday night was crazy too. Really crazy, since Erik and Jimmie don't dance much, if at all, until they're clearly intoxicated. =) They didn't want to stop, and as everyone finally collapsed around 4:30am Jimmie was still going. So much for driving home that night, too! 4:15am... Constant and Brian have been sober all night since we know someone has to drive back, but where's Erik and Jimmie? By 4:30 or 4:45am Leslie, Laura, Nellie... everyone's tired and we've all pretty much collapsed on the available couches and beds. So much for driving home. =

Pictures will be up next week. In between classes, the apartment hunt, and other items, "next week" is about as specific as I can get.

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