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January 23, 2002

Currently singing to: Erasure -

Currently singing to: Erasure - Crying in the Rain
Okay. I think I need help. I've been running around like crazy all day and I'm acting... well... goofy I guess is the best way to describe it. I was tired, then bored, then frazzled, then stressed... now I'm just feeling weird!

I guess staying up until something like 3:30AM last night finishing the Ars System Guide didn't help, nor did the 8:30AM wake-up to go make an appointment to go see a counselor...

Oh yeah, got a front-page mention on Ars too, in a news blurb. Scroll down to the January 23rd, 4:56PM update by Yaz. Okay. I'm spent. Time to either get back to work, or to go running, or to take a nap... or... FIND FOOD! (didn't even have time to each lunch yet. Ugh!)

Can you make it all right?
Can you make it okay?
When the talk don't come out right
You're moving further away

Now I feel no pain
I do my crying in the rain

Everybody hurts
When you play in the game of love
Stumble and fall
And it's all in the name of love

Words don't come out right
Can you make it okay?
And the way I feel I keep out of sight
Then make the heartbreak fade away
And the nights are long and cold
I want you here my dear to hold

- Erasure - Crying in the Rain

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