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January 20, 2002

Currently watching: Run Lola Run

Currently watching: Run Lola Run
Well not quite. Barry's friend is watching, and we're trying to stay awake.

Spent most of today studying... not that I was up for very long, since I stayed up so late last night. (and tonight, evidently...) Did some stuff for Ars, too... still need to finish it tomorrow.

Some numbers for the last week:
363 files, 28 albums and singles, 2264MB worth of MP3s updated or added.
All freshly ripped with EAC and LAME. =) Ripping my own CDs was the only way I found to get actual quality MP3s of some of this stuff. =)
11,002 files, dating from 11 October 1999 to today, 2029MB worth of pictures.
Those digital cameras have been pretty productive over the last couple years. =)
Ok... bedtime!

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