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February 24, 2002

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Currently playing: Bare Naked Ladies - Bare Naked Rap
All Nissan Meet pictures from yesterday, held at Veterans Park in Cypress, CA. Held by SoCal-SERCA, it was apparently very successful... just that by the time I had arrived at 2pm the main festivities were over and the food was gone. Oops! =( Basically there were a whole ton of Sentra SE-R and their SR20DE powered brethen there... a lesser amount of 300ZX's and their brethen, and then a scattering of Maximas, 510s, and other cars for flavor. I showed up, socialized for a bit, took some pics, and left. Good meet, but kinda boring... I gotta go track racing or autocrossing, I'm bored of meets where you sit around and talk. =)

Supposedly over a dozen Maximas and a R33 Skyline GT-R V Spec were there earlier, but they weren't when I got there. A few Spec SE-R race cars were there, too. Very impressive! Several very clean 300ZX's were there too... Unfortunately for the Maximas, nothing impressive. Sorry guys. =

BTW, this is the first time I've seen 300ZX's wearing adequate rubber. Mike Kojima had 265/35/18 front, 295/35/18 BF Goodrich T/A KD's on BEAUTIFUL Work wheels... this is vs. Supra owners who run up to 275 and 315's on stock body... but the wheels... DROOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely beautiful.

Oh, comparison of JPEG compression levels, while I'm at it (and because Mike Kojima's 300ZX Twin Turbo is such a beautiful car). Native resolution is 1600x1200, normal quality from a Fuji Finepix 2800, resulting in a 370KB file. 15:1 obviously looks best, but even 25:1 isn't too bad. 30:1 is acceptable, 35:1 and up starts to bug me... but heck even 40:1 is still tolerable!

Resized to 1024x768: 15:1 JPEG 177KB file | 20:1 JPEG 151KB file | 25:1 JPEG 119KB file | 30:1 JPEG 108KB file | 35:1 JPEG 99KB file | 40:1 JPEG 92KB file

Finally, Miyagi's really needs an elevator. More comments on Mike and Anil's birthday later, but Alicia sprained her ankle yesterday and the lack of an elevator had to suck for her!

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