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February 10, 2002

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Currently playing: (the sound of a friend snoring on the floor)
Theresa and Jason drove down this weekend to go see the play Lion King and to go hang around with all of Theresa's old friends from high school, like Thomas, May, Barry, and I.

It's been a fun weekend so far, even if we haven't been able to find everyone from our old "Fyzx Crew" from high school; did a lot of reminiscing and catching up, finding out that a lot of the most recent news we have on a few people is 2 or 3 years old, although the majority we're still in touch with. Being scattered across the country after high school hasn't helped, although Huong, Thomas, May, Theresa, and I are still in at least semi-regular contact (Barry wasn't part of the original crew!), and we hear intermittently from Cuong and Spencer, at least once every year or two, plus I know Andrew is still alive from his mailings to the SoCal-SERCA group. Nguyen, Ha, Vi, Phuong, and Diana are all still alive too... and, well the balance of our 17 or so is pretty much unknown to the five of us who met up this weekend. What was infrequent contact after high school is now often totally random contact for many of us. It's good to see May, Huong, Thomas, Theresa, and Barry though, and to know that Andrew's still alive, if lost in his world of automotive racing to the rest of us.

Dim sum for lunch today, pool at Ackerman, Gamecube and Playstation, inviting even more people over for dinner for Chinese New Year's- no long life noodles, but we're new at this!, playing a card game called "stupid"... =) Forgot Theresa's birthday is today, too... oops! I guess we're going to take her and Jason out to lunch tomorrow, before they see Lion King and head back home to San Jose!

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