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February 07, 2002

Currently playing: Lit - Zip-lock

Currently playing: Lit - Zip-lock
Site updates in the gallery: Pre-Finals party pics, New Year's pics, and winter break pics. Some computer updates may go up as well, as I've finally finished the necessary photo editing.

Crap. Forgot some computer stuff at home... and I'm not going home this weekend (or moving into a new apartment) as planned. Grrrr. I hate to spend $6 on something I have at home, bought explicitly to use for this process, and never used... oh well.

Two new CDs... Erasure - Two Ring Circus, and New Order - 60 Miles An Hour. I thought I already had Two Ring Circus, but I couldn't find it the last time I was home. Both are pretty good, although I prefer Crystal's remixes to 60 Miles An Hour's remixes. (both are ripped to MP3 already, too. EAC + LAME 192kbps. Much more convenient than CD...)

Found a toy I want... Toshiba Satellite Satellite 5005-S507... Note I said I want it, not that I'm actually going to get it. P3-1.1ghz mobile, Geforce4 440 Go graphics, 15" UXGA, CD-RW/DVD... drool!!!!!

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