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February 05, 2002

Currently playing: Notorious BIG -

Currently playing: Notorious BIG - F*cking You Tonight
(yeah, I know, I don't normally worry much about profanity, but hey my relatives may be reading this. Hi Aunties, Uncles, and Cousins!)

Case modding Erik's new Chenbro Junior tonight. Pics in a couple days when we're all done. I ran out of fiberglass reinforced cutting wheels so we had to use the diamond-coated (which don't cut steel well) and the regular ones, so we were slowed a little bit. Just removed the stock fan grilles tonight, that's all.

Cool stuff: AA NiMH battery test. As a digital camera user who regularly abuses NiMH and Alkaline batteries, I think I may be picking up a new set soon to replace my Olympus 1450mAH AA's. =)
Time Magazine: Pssst. Wanna See My Blog?
I'm a wind spirit drink me! i'm apple flavored

(no, I didn't make up those descriptions...)

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