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March 28, 2002

Currently playing: (silence) Mmmhmm. More

Currently playing: (silence)
Mmmhmm. More later. Ski trip was quite good. Lots of fun... no, LOTS OF FUN! First real wipeout too. Not my usual tumbling down the snow like I did at Kirkwood last year, but full-blown-oh-geez-that-hurt wipeout on the Overland run at Sugarbowl.

The next day at Squaw Valley USA was much better once the ski lesson started. Probably should have stuffed myself in the 2nd lesson group and not the beginner group, but the $65 deal and the scaring the crap out of myself the day before made it sound like a good idea to me. *waves* Hi Cindy! Hope you make it back to Berkeley and aren't too sore... =)

Reading/sorting the 100-odd e-mails I got while I was gone... checking grades (B+ and a some sort of A...)... rest of my grades are unknown at the moment. My battered GPA needs all the help it can get!!

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