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March 08, 2002

Currently playing: Erasure - Moon

Currently playing: Erasure - Moon and the Sky (JC's Heaven Scent Radio Re-Work)

Red: 10/100 Blue: 16/100 White: 16/100 Yellow: 3/100

Take the Color Code Test
by Dano

In other news... Papers suck. They don't suck as bad as CS projects, but ugh!! Being a little sick isn't helping either... I'm abut 75% ok, but it's really affecting my ability to concentrate and focus, although I suppose the fact that I am worrying about so many different things at once isn't helping either... Blah. Time to go running... I doubt it'll make my sore throat feel better but who knows. Lately, feeling cruddy has been cured by a quick run...

Posted by brian at March 8, 2002 02:08 PM


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