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March 04, 2002

Currently playing: Utada Hikaru -

Currently playing: Utada Hikaru - Automatic
Well that, some english muffins as a snack, some water to drink, and a couple of ibuprofen's for the headache's I'm sure I'll have all this week and next from the huge pile of work I have to do. The work individually isn't a lot, but combined with research, vague directions from professors (yes, I did talk to them. No, they weren't clear enough to reduce my headache!), and the stress about grades... I know the next two weeks- three weeks if you count finals week- won't be too hot.

Barry moved to his new place this weekend though, and I moved in to his old room. Woohoo! Just need furniture. = And the remote control to my stereo is lost somewhere. Grrrr. (why didn't I set it up before? Not that my computer speakers are bad, but they're not great either and my stereo is a tiny one!)

Posted by brian at March 4, 2002 10:16 PM


utada i loved your song in kingdom hearts and i want to get to know you.

Posted by: Phillip burgess at February 26, 2005 02:48 AM

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