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April 28, 2002

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A matter of perspective: overheard on the UCLA campus shuttle on Thursday:
"... they pay phatty bank, $9.45 an hour..." from two girls talking about jobs.

$9.xx an hour is pretty good for a campus job, but inside I was laughing my head off. $9.45/hour isn't even $20,000 a year. Rent on a studio here in Westwood is easily $12,000/year + utilities. $9.45 an hour simply ISN'T A LOT OF MONEY TO ME! Crazy, I say. Or maybe my world real is that different. Barry's making something like $13.xx an hour working on-campus, which is a hell of a lot better than $9.45... and come summer, people like Alicia and I who hold real industry jobs make upwards of $17~22/hour... and even in the real world $17/hour is only $35k/year, and that isn't that much!

I guess if all you need is spending money, $9.45 isn't bad if you don't have a car payment or tuition or anything. I guess my perspective is very different...

One more thing. Always wear your seatbelt! I didn't realize a certain passenger wasn't wearing a seatbelt in my car today. I made a turn late and consequently was going about 5-10mph faster than I would have normally; still a safe speed though... but she went tumbling across the backseat. Sorry about that, but you might want to assume you should always buckle your seatbelt!

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