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April 26, 2002

Currently playing: The Mystic Underground

Currently playing: The Mystic Underground - How Does It Feel To Be Adored
How did I miss this group before? It's kinda poppy 80's music with that happy synthpop beat... =)

Anyway, Monday and Tuesday were kind of brutal from all the work I had due. I hope I did well on those assignments-- they were the first ones due for all 3 of those classes. If the prof doesn't like them, well then that's going to be my first clue I need to adapt to their required style of assignments. Here's hoping. As it is today, I didn't do much reading earlier... so I'm catching up. So much work! =( I've got some other stuff to do too, hopefully I'll get some of it done tomorrow...

Posted by brian at April 26, 2002 12:51 AM


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