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April 17, 2002

Currently playing: Yaz - Only

Currently playing: Yaz - Only You
Well, nothing too exciting lately... hence, not much to blog about. My dad came to visit today (he's in LA on business), so he, Erik, and I had a nice dinner in Monterey Park. Umm... uhh... hmm what else... oh yeah, ran into Pearl today too. Chatted about stuff that probably won't make any sense to you reading this blog. = (siblings getting more spoiled than we do, concerts, relationships, a silly pearl tea ad, the police incident near my apartment, UCLA extension, whatever! See, I told you it wouldn't make any sense!)

*grrrr* It seems my Olympus 1450mAH AA batteries just died. =( Time to order new ones...

Ah well... back to work. When my new computer case gets here, maybe I'll have something else fun to blog about... but yeah, work... That's all this quarter seems like it is. *sigh*

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