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April 13, 2002

Currently playing: New Order -

Currently playing: New Order - Regret
Pre-Finals party + auto-x school pictures are up. Just got back from an Alpha Kappa Psi party... unfortunately we got there a little late, it was full of drunk idiots trying to start fights, and it was totally packed. Not even "mass of bodies swaying to the music" but "big huge mass of people" packed. Icky. Union last week was MUCH more fun...

Something funny, if you're interested: What Kind Of Asian Are You? As for me, I'm a mix of about half the categories there... plus, someone needs to tell the guy it's pearl tea (or boba), not bubble tea. Well it's obvious he's not from California. =D

Anyway, got work to do this weekend, still. Past 3am too, time for bed!

BTW Barry's been on a New Order kick, or so it seems. I am glad. =)

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