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May 04, 2002

Currently playing: Global Underground 12

Currently playing: Global Underground 12 - Dave Seaman - Buenos Aires - Disk 2
Well, Stillen Open House was fun. I'll post pictures later tonight. Rest of my life has been looking pretty sh*tty though. My friends are at +1 more car accident and the dipwads may not yet have reported it to insurance (!), which really upsets me because personal injury is involved (!). I think my friends, family, and I are at something like 9 car accidents in the last calendar year. =(

Next... my apartment appearently has dirty power. My PC's been rebooting randomly since I moved into Barry's old room; I've been suspecting bad power but never considered it seriously because of other possible problems in my PC. However, the light bulbs in our bathroom just burned out, and our kitchen light bulbs (which are brand-new!) just burned out too. Plus, our garbage disposal is broken (has been broken- and my fucktard roomies are the only ones who can call the manager- and they haven't called her yet!), and roomie #3's old PC fried about two weeks ago... it's a mount of cumulative evidence which points pretty squarely at lousy power.

Speaking of which, my PC spontaneously rebooted while I was downloading Stillen Open House pictures. Toasted 'em all. sad

Thankgoodness for data recovery software... and data backups for my e-mail, which was also damaged. I need to bring down my line-interactive UPS, it seems. *sigh*

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