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June 11, 2002

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Currently playing: Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight
Finals suck... thank goodness for my Art History 55A TA, though. (thanks Sean!) Going to pass the class no matter what, as long as you put in a solid effort... and oh my, I picked my brain for that class like you wouldn't believe. A GE really shouldn't kick your *ss like that, but that one did! =( Hell it kicked almost everyone's *ss from what I heard, although it was better than the midterm. *sigh*

Geography 155 is tomorrow. Not nearly as worried about that class, but unlike that nasty GE, I need an A in it since it's a major class. Time to go study some more, and home my tired brain doesn't crap out on me!

Fun link... `99 Maxima SEL auto w/NOS vs. `02 WRX stage 0. heh. From a light a stage 0 WRX would win, but from a roll-on the extra 40hp a WRX picks up from stage 0 isn't enough...

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