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June 11, 2002

Currently playing: Gin Blossoms -

Currently playing: Gin Blossoms - Pieces of the Night
I'm so tired right now, I'm forgetting what I was going to write... Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! Dinner was nice, too bad it's finals week and we all had to run back to studying. *sigh* Uhh... Art History 55A is far too much work for a stinkin' GE... Mike and Agnes are on the front page of the 3rd section in the Daily Bruin today, congrats!! hehe... sweet! Umm... oh yeah, Towerrecords.com's site layout stinks. No, I don't want a list of every work by this artist, could you please break it up into logical categories? Nope, evidently that's too hard for them...

Enough babbling. Back to work.

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