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June 04, 2002

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Currently playing: Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
I feel like I'm going to die... but yeah, that'd be too easy. Instead, I have 3 papers left to finish by, uh, tomorrow morning. I've been working since 5am this morning... I could have started/finished this particular paper yesterday evening, but the motiviation just wasn't there-- the subject matter doesn't interest me very much, and the paper itself isn't like anything I have written before. Ordinarily this might make it a learning experience, but I'd much rather be writing my geography assignments right now than an Art History one.

Oh, just for good measure, I met another Jen last night. I think that means I now know 14 Jen's... or is it 15? I think my brain is going to explode, I can't keep all these people straight!!!

Blah. Back to work, go home, take a nap, then write more papers... then again it's 10th week right now, so what else is new? Sleep is supposed to be scarce anyway. Not that it makes my fellow UCLA'ers or I feel any better about it...

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