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July 10, 2002

Currently playing: Garbage - I

Currently playing: Garbage - I Think I'm Paranoid
101 degrees F yesterday, 99 degrees F today. It's way to f'ing hot here! Erik's dad had a tire blowout today... turns out those Firestone Wilderness AT tires really are defective... (or his could be a rare genuinely flawed one. The jury's still out on that.)

Finishing up a new system right now... almost an image of the Ars Technica Budget Box... works pretty well, although I will say that integrated video sucks for gaming, especially due to the shared-memory bandwidth as well as the IGP core itself being only GF2MX level.

Played some Counter-Strike today with Pete, Erik, Spencer, Spencer's sister and her friend... CS1.5 or whatever it is at now is pretty weird compared to what I'm used to: Beta 6, Beta 7, and 1.1... but I did ok at the internet place we were at, and my skill with the MP5 and Steyr Aug hasn't degraded too badly. Basketball afterwards was a mistake (99F+... + even hotter because it was on blacktop)... at least the air conditioner in the TL works very well, if you can stand the lousy 5-speaker Bose stereo setup. I've been spoiled by my PSB's at home and Soundstream SPL's in my car.

Meanwhile, school, cleaning my closet, and other stuff keeps me plenty busy. *sigh* I'll get some real time to relax sooner or later, but at this rate, "later" seems to be the most likely by far. Well. Back to studying.

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