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September 26, 2002

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Today's observations...

  1. Westwood is pretty much the same, but what happened to Tower Records? It's now Pugz? WTF is that? And we have an Office Depot now, which is cool... but, it's a tiny Office Depot!
  2. UCLA is mostly the same. Not a bad thing, mind you... but the core of my old group of friends to hang out with has graduated, so that'll be a little weird. Plenty of friends still around, but the guys (and girls) who I could call up anytime, anywhere on campus and go hang out, even if only for 2 minutes between clases... that old group is gone. So sad. =( (but they all graduated, so they left for a good reason! =) )
  3. Where'd the nice weather go? It had been degrading over the last few days, but today on campus was very cool for a Los Angeles summer day!
  4. Verizon. Service isn't as god-like as Barry likes to think, but it's a hell of alot better than Cingular, Sprint, or AT&T. (makes me wish for Europe again. That was kick*ss first-class service everywhere I went. Makes the US cell providers feel like small backwater cesspools...)
  5. Verizon prices. Got a really, really good deal yesterday in Monterey Park. (thanks Barry and Nicole for the haggling) Today on campus, I opened the Daily Bruin... a shop 5 minutes from my apartment is doing v60i's for free. Crap.
  6. Motorola v60c. I don't know what's so great about this phone. It's a little smaller than my old T28World, but not appreciably so. User interface isn't as good as Ericsson or Nokia; partially is because of the additional features, additional complexity is need. It's still retarded, though..
  7. Cingular. Turns out they have a policy to lure existing customers back. I've got a 30-day credit on my account now. I can switch back to Cingular anytime within 30 days and they'll pay my Verizon early termination fee. Great policy! (now if Cingular's signal was only a tiny little bit better in my apartment. Unfortunately, it ISN'T! *sigh*)
  8. Books. Ouch. That was expensive.

Blah. Things are actually going pretty good, they're just a little boring right now. I'm sure it'll pick up once I learn everyone else's schedules and stuff, so we can start hanging out...

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