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September 25, 2002

Currently playing: Depeche Mode -

Currently playing: Depeche Mode - Waiting for the Night
Finally stuck my head into Westwood tonight.

1) Dave's roommates have a pretty bitchin' home theatre setup. 57" Sony HDTV, Rotel 1066 preamp, and a load of Snell Acoustics and MK Sound stuff. Pretty f'ing incredible. Even most rich people I know don't have setups that nice! Sheesh!
2) Dorm move-in was this past weekend. I'm just glad I came down on Monday, not on Sunday... or... man, traffic would have sucked! Westwood is slowly getting more crowded, and the weather is still nice. MMMmmmm... ;-)

Oh, yeah. It seems I came back to a Los Angeles which is a flaming wreckage of emotions for some way too many of my friends. Ick. This summer evidently wasn't kind was brutal to relationships around here. *sigh* Things will work themselves out, I'm confident in that, but it's stuff like this which sometimes makes me wish I was in kindergarden again and didn't have to deal with crap like this.

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