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September 20, 2002

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I wasn't planning to stay up until 6am, but it was about 11:30pm, I figured that since I need to drop my old case in the mail tomorrow (today), I'd do a quick case switch. Pull all my old stuff from the old case and stick it into the new one... (I can hear the laughter now)

The new case didn't have holes for casters. Drilling those took about 90 seconds, but cleaning up the metal shavings took another 10 minutes. Then I started transfering the fans and drives from my old case to my new case, getting dust all over myself. That wouldn't do, so I cleaned every fan as I moved it over... then I cleaned out the power supply for good measure... and dusted off the drives... and... well... it turned into my usual full-blown obsessively-detailed wiring job as I installed and wired everything up.

And here we are.

The best news, though, is that the new case seems flawless, the new heatsink is much more quiet (3300rpm fan vs. 6000rpm fan), and it seems to WORK FLAWLESSLY. That's right... even at 6am I didn't monkey anything up. Hooray!

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