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September 15, 2002

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Well, I'm getting caught up with my photo albums. Remember those books full of paper photos? Pictures there are almost all sorted. Digital ones will come next to the website, although 500 of them will make picking/choosing/editing a very tedious job for me. I've got some other stuff on my list that I need to do tomorrow, so don't expect a website update before Monday.

Speaking of website updates, Pearl just switched over to moveabletype for daily updates. It supports comments and a whole lot more of other stuff. Sounds pretty good to me. When I first read about it a few weeks ago, it seemed neat, but how much more of these features did I think I'd actually use? Turns out that it does look pretty good, though... Maybe this possible change will get my CSS conversion off the ground, too... The problem now is time, or rather the lack of it, since my life is going to be put in cardboard boxes in 8 days and 8 days just isn't enough time for me to add in a complete website conversion to my list.

update: she added comments, but not via moveabletype. Turns out she's still using blogger, only she added enetation for comments support for each post.

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