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September 06, 2002

Currently playing: Erasure - Rescue

Currently playing: Erasure - Rescue Me
It's been a busy week.

First, I'm no longer homeless. (those of you taking bets, sorry to disappoint you all. =) ) Hooray!
Second, Erik's room at home is finally wired. And the CAT5 cable is no longer on the floor. (aka I got fed up about his parents bitching at him, so I nailed it to the wall myself).
Third, I finally have a working CD player in my car now. Hooray! Thanks, Dave! (Maxima guys know him as maximadave)
Fourth, my secondary box at home is finally put back together. Phew!
Fifth, Erik and I got a heck of a deal today. =)

Lots more, but that's the stuff I feel like mentioning.

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