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October 03, 2002

Currently playing: The Other Two

Currently playing: The Other Two - One Last Kiss
I feel like giving some more details to a previous post... here's the tally for 2002:

3: friends right now who are either just married or who are discussing marriage.
7: friends who have had relationships go down in flames in the last couple months (not even all year); I'm not talking lighthearted college fun, but yearlong+ relationships... ouch.

Sure, 2001 was personally a lot more exciting for me, but for my friends, 2002 seems to be one hell of a crazy year.

As for me... still dating like usual. Now's one of the times I'm glad I'm single and free to date... and be glad I don't have any of my own drama to endanger that...

Posted by brian at October 3, 2002 01:27 AM


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