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October 27, 2002

Currently playing: Iio - Rapture

Currently playing: Iio - Rapture (Riva remix)
Another sad day. (no, I don't specifically mean the fiasco the Giants had tonight, but that was sad too!)

Another'er old-timer is selling his Maxima. He has (or had?) the fastest gen4 Maxima on the planet, and it may still be the fastest automatic-equipped Maxima around. So sad. =(

Other noteable long-time'ers moved on to bigger and better things:

There are a few others (WoodEar, `97 GLE to... uhh... whatever car it is now, BMW M Roadster?), Russ (too many cars and too much debt to count, the idiot...)... plus a few old-timers like myself who still have our cars. Booker, Eric L., Hiroshi, Nabil, a few others... but man, it's like a bit of history is slipping away. It isn't very important or very notable history to be certain, but it's a bit of history that dates back to 1996 or so and the introduction of the 4th generation Maxima. When I slip back on to the forums, I feel like an old man there, because I am! 99% of the people there don't even recognize the names I know...

Posted by brian at October 27, 2002 02:13 AM


Have a '95 ST2 Miata (acquired 10/2003) and '04 RX-8 (acquired 02/2005) now. Thanks Brian! Barry

Posted by: Barry at August 26, 2005 12:48 PM

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