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October 26, 2002

Currently playing: Erasure - How

Currently playing: Erasure - How Can I Say (live)
Finally fixed my computer's weird narrow SCSI bus problem today- swapped out my Adaptec 39160 for an LSI Logic 21040. Technically the 39160 is the superior card, but I believe my 39160 was badly damaged by static shock during shipping (I hate eBay morons. *&$()#*!!! ebay losers...), which is why I've been having problems with it.

I go from 8x~12x CD/CD-R speeds now to the speeds I should be getting, aka around 40x on my readers and 20x on my writer. Woohoo! Before, my Plextor Ultraplex 40x Max would hit only 8.3x secure DAE, now it hits 20x secure DAE. =)

Swapped out my SB Live MP3+ 5.1 for a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz, too. I'm pleased. Now only if I wasn't so tired from having done an essay over the last day and a half. I think that means I need to go to bed. =)

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