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October 18, 2002

Currently playing: Erasure - Blues

Currently playing: Erasure - Blues Away
Wow... the Mercedes Benz E-motion post (October 6) is pretty far down already. Yikes... I'm posting a lot.

Thanks to Randall today for letting me use his place to change the oil in my car (only 1,800 miles on it, but that included something between 40~80 miles of track racing at Buttonwillow... hence, better to change it while I had the time) and the fuel filter... the fuel filter was a pain in the butt (stupid rubber hoses really didn't want to come off. Easy job otherwise!). Matthew, who's 6 weeks old, is incredibly cute!!! (aka, I love babies and little kids until they hit the stage where they grab/reach/play with/destroy everything they touch... when they hit that stage, they had better be related to me to make sure I forgive them =) ) His eating every 2 hours has to be hard on Randall and Heather, though... you thought college students had a crazy sleeping schedule?

Well we do, but it's not that brutal. heh. Anyway, going rock wall climbing tomorrow with Sophia and her friends and co-workers. Assuming I survive class, of course. Stillen Nissan Day is Saturday, then I need to study, do some homework, and do a buttload of computer stuff...

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