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December 09, 2002

Currently playing: Ja Rule featuring

Currently playing: Ja Rule featuring Ashanti - Always On Time
Ugh. Scared for my GPA this quarter. Looks like a nice solid B in English 80... where's my 4.0 going? Looks like it never happened. =( Today's final holds some hope, but given the way my TA grades, I'm not counting on it...

On the good news front, we just fired Bob Toledo as head football coach. HOORAY! (and man, these last 4 years of losses to USC have been *sstastic!)

On the bad news front, rape in De Neve Plaza. In the middle of the afternoon. Ouch. =( We're going to have to work on security here, but I think the real thing is education-- people take a very lax approach to letting people in in the dorms. Start closing doors after you, people... Something I do find stupid, though: De Neve is built like Sunset and the suites: each building has individual entrances, there is no physical way to put in a central entrance desk. Yet people want to ask for one...? Hello, are you stupid? I honestly think they're better off with video cameras at each entrance, to record who comes in and out. With a distributed entrance system it's impossible to establish a proper security checkpoint, so video cameras would at least allow people to research tapes back to identify individuals as they enter and exit. Certainly not going to stop this from happening again, but it'd be an effective deterrent. Ultimately it rests on the residents of these halls themselves, not calls for more security. One thing most people don't realize is that security can't be there everywhere, all the time.

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