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December 06, 2002

Currently playing: Global Underground 012

Currently playing: Global Underground 012 - Dave Seaman - Buenos Aires CD2
You'd never guess from this picture that today in Los Angeles was a balmy 75F, and was 70F by 10:00AM. Around 8:40PM it was around 60F. That tells you how mild the winters have been around here-- very mild. Even us Northern California people who have been going here for, uhh, five years now are starting to get soft.

Well, ok, some of us. I don't break out the jacket until it hits the 50's, which isn't bad for a Californian. =)

Anyway... one more essay to write... then it's just finals!! Hooray!!! ... The three essays, project, and final this week have almost been conquered. Even saw a counselor today and got some of those annoying Life Science GE requirements taken care of, which significantly eases the courseload in my last few quarters here... uhoh! Only six more hours to write the essay! Crap. Back to work... *sigh*

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