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December 04, 2002

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Ok, so 10th week is currently working my butt off. Let me turn political for a moment...

CNN: Uncle Sam Wants Your Kid It's an article bitching about how high schools are now required to turn over your child's contact information to the military for the purposes of recruiting. Hell, the Federal government already has all of your identification information anyway, right? They issue the social security numbers. I don't see anything wrong here. Okay, I don't really have a problem with this, although if people find it invasive, I agree. This is what pisses me off, as a parent says: "Parents are in the dark," Alterman said. "It freaked me out. I didn't sign up to support the military effort." To that I say, how ignorant can you be? The US military is a volunteer organization who has to actively seek out new members (recruits) just like any other organization. "military effort" my *ss, if the military can't make you (heaven forbid your child) aware of his or her right to serve in the US military, then are they allowed to even make you aware of the fact that they exist at all? Not everyone wants to serve their country, but the last time I checked, people usually honor those who have chose to serve their country... I hope? Or have people forgotten the real reason why we have Veterans' Day as well as an actived armed force, too?

At least the ALCU has their heads screwed on straight with this one. Executive director Donna Lieberman said that the opt-out provision is inadequate and that schools should be doing more to protect students' privacy. Underlining added. They're not bitching about it being an unfair Federal law or anything. *phew* It's good to know that some groups still have an iota of common sense somewhere.

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