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December 21, 2002

Ooof. Grades aren't looking too

Ooof. Grades aren't looking too good this quarter, and I'm already collecting sh*t from my parents about it. =( Maybe I should go back to them, and remind them that I could always switch from 18 units to 13 units... graduate later, but get better grades. I dunno. I'm busting my *ss with work, and honestly... I ended up borderline in two of my classes this quarter, A-/B+ range, and hell, my performance (or lackthereof) has been killing me. It's frustrating to know the material, but not know how to deliver consistent A/A+ work with it. I averaged something like 300 pages/week of reading this quarter, in addition to papers, homework, and projects-- honestly, too much work for me. =(

And of course, the one GE class I end up pulling an A in, I f*ck up too, and take it pass/no pass. By the time I realize "hey I've got a solid A" it's 10th week and all I can do is petition for grading status change, which I just checked and it's denied as expected. %*_*#_@#!!! So, looks like B+/B+/B/P this quarter, which is a pathetic 3.18 GPA. (I know. Engineering... 3.18 would have me estatic!) If I had taken that one last GE for letter grade, I'd have a less pathetic 3.41, which at least looks decent. 3.18 though... ack!

Oh well. The part that really pisses me off is that I expect my major GPA to slip below 3.5 because of ths quarter. That means next quarter, time to bust my *ss in my last major class. An A grade won't be mandatory, it'll be life or death with regard to grad school. *sigh*

(not that I'm planning on grad school, so my apologies for being dramatic... but that's just how I'm feeling right now. Parents are less than totally happy with me, I'm not exactly happy with my grades myself... it's not that bad. Things are actually going quite well. It's just that grades get to be a constant pain in the *ss this winter break.)

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